Paddling Safety

Kayaking and canoeing are perfect activities for almost any guest, from young to old.

Guests who participate in kayak tours, canoe tours, kayak rentals or other water sports should have an appropriate level of fitness and be healthy enough for the physical activity involved.

Guests should carefully consider their own health and physical limitations and choose activities appropriately.

The American Canoe Association (ACA) has excellent guidelines on paddling safety and trip preparation.


At times, Florida Bay and the Florida Keys can have extreme weather conditions, including unpredictable weather conditions.

Guests should be prepared for the realities of outdoor activities, including extreme sun exposure, high and low temperatures, depending on the season, heavy rain, and other unforeseeable circumstances.

Life Jackets/PFDs

Lifejackets are strongly recommended, and should be worn at all times!

According to Florida law, watercraft, including kayak, canoe and paddle boards are required to have coast-guard approved PFD (lifejackets) and whistles onboard at all times, as well as other safety equipment.

Sun Protection

Guests are strongly advised to dress appropriately for sun and wind protection!

Guests should remember that every kayaking adventure carries the risk of getting wet. There is always a high likelihood of becoming completely submerged.

Guests are advised to dress as if they may go swimming, often unexpectedly!

Protection of Valuables

Cell-phones, cameras, electronics of all kinds and other valuable items should be left on shore, or stored in a reliable waterproof container.

All items and gear should be securely attached to avoid loss in the event of capsize. It can be extremely difficult to find unattached gear after a capsize, especially in high winds or current.