Why Purchase From Us?

Since 1990, Florida Bay Outfitters has been selling paddle sports equipment to the South Florida community and have been promoting paddle sports through tours, rentals and events. We have come a long way and have watched the industry grow in leaps and bounds, both successful and some in failure. We have seen market and product changes both good and bad and have survived stormy weather as well as stormy economies.  We even have witnessed a tsunami of internet and global sales tower over us but we are still here in our little shack by the sea riding out the waves. We decided to keep it simple, after all isn’t that what paddling is all about?

In our eyes there is nothing better then keeping it local and meeting eye to eye with our customers. Our customers are our friends and they are welcome to use our facilities any time. Shopping on line may seem convenient but there is no comparison to the conveniences that we have to offer. The smell of the sea, the sparkling waters, warm sunshine, beautiful sunsets, friendly people and a chance to indulge in a cold drink or fill your appetite with a stroll over to our neighbors. Purchasing a kayak, paddle board or canoe is just as much as an adventure as using one. You shouldn’t miss out on that opportunity. Much of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. So if you know someone who has purchased from us before, please take the time to ask them about their experience.

Occasionally you may find a great deal on line if you know what you are looking for. We gladly tell our customers to take advantage of those opportunities. But the majority of the time we have learned through our customers that our prices are usually the same or may actually be better. And as far as saving sales tax? That just doesn’t happen in the State of Florida, all internet purchases are taxed! At Florida Bay Outfitters you also have the chance to try before you buy. For a small fee (refundable with boat or board purchase) you can demo the model you are interested in right in our backyard.

Something else we do for our customers is handle manufacturer warranties. Our customers have found this to be a huge asset over the years. Because of our knowledge and expertise in the business, we know the difference between a defect and abuse. As you know someone is always trying to place blame where it doesn’t belong. We recognize the difference and the manufacturers trust our judgment. In other words they can’t get away with it. If it should be out of warranty we don’t leave you hanging. We can usually make a repair at a reasonable price and we are even known to fix things for free! So if you live in South Florida consider yourself a local and pay Florida Bay Outfitters a visit!

Should you get tired of your old boat or board we even take trade-ins, work on consignment or may purchase your used boats and boards outright.

We stock hundreds of boats and boards so we should have what you are looking for. Just give us a call or stop by anytime. Hope to see you soon in the Fabulous Florida Keys!

Kayaks we sell:

Hobie, Current Designs, Wilderness Systems, Ocean Kayak, Hurricane, Caribe (clear bottom), Old Town & Necky

Standup Paddleboards we carry:

Bote, Hobie, Bic, Pau Hana, Triple X, Bru SUP and more…

Canoes we sell:

Wenonah, Old Town & Indian River

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